Collaboration – an important part of our culture. 

Many projects and collections at MALVAR = STEWART have been built on partnership and collaboration.

This page is dedicated to highlighting the people and groups with whom we currently collaborate.

If you have an interest to collaborate with us on a project, please submit your proposals on the Contact Us page or at [email protected]


is a beautiful family run fibre farm in Orient, OH.  We have collaborated with farmer Rachel Najjar in using the wool from her lovely and endangered sheep breed, Lincoln Longwool, which she so lovingly raises.  The various textures and rich colours of the wool from her sheep add depth and sustainable consciousness to our work that we adore and value! The warm and kind energy that comes from Rachel, her sheep, and her environment as well as her eco-caring practices are completely in-line with our philosophy, and we absolutely love it!

Rachel and M=S is excited to offer all-day workshops called Farm-to-Fashion, which begins with a lovely home cooked breakfast at Prairie Fields Farm, where we also meet the animals and pick wool from the various sheep, then resume at our studio Hangar 391 for a nuno felting workshop where we create scarves using the chosen wool…we promise that it is a unique and fun experience!
Please check the blog to see our newest experiments and developments with this collaboration.


is another lovely family-run farm in Medina, OH that we have recently had the joy of working with. Alisson Ungar and her parents raise sweet Lincoln Longwool and Merino sheep, some which we’ve even had the great honour of naming! Check out our latest pieces and interiorwear featuring some of these beautiful animals’ fibres!


A collection created in collaboration with Benji Robinson of Reptile Fiction, a local artist that is inspired from 1980s music, pop-culture, and video games to create music.  Benji is currently creating an album of 8 songs embodying sounds from around the city of Columbus, which M=S is translating onto 8 couture pieces.  The Local Sound Project will be showcased and played at the Fashion Meets Music Festival on Sept 5, 2015. To see our progress with this collection, please check our Facebook page and the blog.


Founded by Dan Linden, Cutmaps is the production of city maps from major cities in Ohio and the world by using laser cutting and engraving.  At M=S, we are collaborating with Dan on the Local Sound collection, laser burning sound waves from Reptile Fiction’s music onto each high-end piece.  We will also be doing more projects with Cutmaps in the future, so stay tuned for further developments fusing the laser and fashion!